Orbitsys Technologies Private Limited has been in the business of Designing and Developing Software Applications since 1992, and has been functioning in the SaaS space since 1998. We are one of the first movers in the field of Web Deployed Business Application software.

Our approach has been defined by:
  • Using proven technology
  • Undertaking all Design with a view to the future
  • Constantly adding value to the existing business users.
    We have deployed web hosted solutions in the following verticals,
  • Importer side Applications for Automobile Manufacturers
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Feedback Survey and Online Testing
  • Merchandiser Exporters
  • Applications developed for these verticals are modular in design and have robust processes built into them. Businesses with multiple locations spread geographically and functionally find our solutions to be very cost effective.

      Core values

    •  Long term Vision
    •  Integrity
    •  Provide Value above & beyond expectations


    •  Long term presence in the market
    •  Proven Software Applications relevant to local market
    •  Compact team lead by an experienced Promoter
    •  Existing Bank of Software Applications that have been tested and approved by the market
    •  Ability to handle Volume loads
    •  Able to react fast and delivery value quickly
    •  Personal touch to all customers
    •  Delivery of value to a business user is one of the key factors in the deployment of our applications.


    •  We will be a significant player in the space of Web hosted Business
    •  Constantly providing value to, and delighting our business users;
    •  Follow business practices that will provide security to all stake holders.

      What's in the future

    •  Security of Operations and Business continuity,
    •  Technology Upgradation, and
    •  Business Service Diversification