Web Hosted Business Software

    Orbitsys Technologies Private Limited has been in the business of Designing and Developing Software Applications since 1992, and has been functioning in the SaaS space since 1998. We are one of the first movers in the field of Web Deployed Business Application software.

    Real-Time Auto Business Management

    India’s first indigenous fully Web Based Dealership Network Management Software Suite

    The Orbit CRM-DMS Suite is a completely web hosted system capable of managing Dealer networks across multiple brands and an unlimited number of physical locations.
    The Suite consists of modules covering Pre-Sales, Sales, Service, Business, Parts, CRM and CSS.All modules are interlinked and require no duplication of data. Each data funnel is well defined and works on a one-person-output-next person-input basis. This leads to a self balancing system where, once function and data permissions are set out, no additional monitoring of process is required.
    The software foundation is based on a process oriented design which allows close control over all network processes. Process integration to manufacturer/importer systems is possible through online interfaces, or through direct login by manufacturer/importer users. Process changes can be deployed instantaneously across the network at any time.Corporate Examples of such interfaces would be Vehicle and Parts, Warranty, Service Business, Sales Programs, Retail Planning etc.
    The software suite allows Dealerships and manufacturer/importer to login online through a simple login page. From Dealer side, multiple outlets situated across any geographical location can access the system directly.Inter location Transaction are built-in for all modules. Substantial cost savings can be achieved by using centrally run processes at large dealerships. For example, CRM operations and Stock Management can be setup and run from one central location.
    From manufacturer/importer side, users can view a central network/zone wide dashboard and can access all network reports online. Users can also login to any dealership outlet online and access specific data on a minute to minute basis.
    External Agencies such as CSS Call Centres, Logistics Partners, Insurance & Financial Services Partners, Road side Assistance agencies and Online Lead Sourcing Agencies can be directly integrated into a system through a host of web services available, with no need for transfer of physical data.
    A sophisticated charting system is available in the Dashboard for visual representation of data. Analytics modules are integrated. To add further value to the dashboard, Mail and SMS integration is a part of the system. Crucial alerts and day-end network overview mail messages can be configured for any number of users.The web services based platform allows very fast development and support across a large geographical area. The first development for a nation-wide network of a major European manufacturer saw over 75 outlets being operational within a period of 90 days.

    Merchandising & Export Business Management

    The Orbit Merchandising & Export Business Management Suite is a completely web hosted system capable of managing Merchandising & Export Operations across multiple brands and an unlimited number of physical locations.
    The system allows you to maintain comprehensive Master tables for Products, Vendors and Customers. Order Management for Customers and Vendors is built-in and work-flows are configured for the best operational efficiency.
    Products can be configured multi-level component linkages with independent parameters (attributes such as Dimensions, Weight etc) at each level. Complex relationships between Products and their components can be maintained easily in simple to understand format, and are presented graphically.