Best OEMs, CRM and DMS Providers for Automobile Industry
  • Sales Planning

  • Fund Management

  • Pre Sales Management

  • Lead Management

  • After Sales Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Claim Settlement

  • CRM

  • Customer Experience

Streamline operations with a single, unified platform


Our cloud-hosted software suite seamlessly integrates essential functionalities, including LMS, Sales Management, Workshop Management, and CRM. It ensures real-time data accuracy and data security, all while maintaining a cost-efficient solution. This suite effectively centralizes customer data, automates tasks, and offers valuable insights to assist automotive OEMs in efficiently managing their leads and customer relationships.


At Orbitsys, we empower your dealership to sell more and delight customers with our integrated CRM-DMS solution. Manage every touchpoint, from lead nurturing to after-sales service, in a single platform. Leverage a powerful suite of sales tools, streamline workflows across sales, marketing, service, and digital retailing, and gain a unified view of your customers for targeted marketing and personalized experiences - all designed to maximize profitability.


Orbitsys provides end-to-end solutions for electric vehicle companies, enabling them to thrive in a competitive market. We help OEMs and dealer networks to seamlessly manage the entire customer journey, from attracting new audiences and converting leads, to streamlining sales and providing exceptional post-sale service. This allows you to scale your business while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction.


Streamline your workshop from top to bottom with our innovative CRM-DMS solution. This central hub manages everything from customer interactions and parts inventory to workflow and beyond. Experience smoother operations, improved data organization, and a more positive experience for both your business and your customers.